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How to run a brand workshop

We know how to run a brand workshop that will set you up for great results. We've written this simple guide to give you a few pointers to running a brand positioning workshop yourself.

What is a brand planner and do I need one on my branding project?

What is a brand planner? It’s a great question, and honestly, a few years ago we wouldn’t have been able to answer you. All we knew was that we wanted to find a way to work with clients and dig deeper to support them in new and exciting ways. Brand planners get to...

Meet Eri & Jackie, web designers at 39steps

When you work with 39steps, you don’t just get a new website, you grab yourself a brand-new team of colleagues. Experts, professionals and all-round cool cats; skilled, experienced and ready to spring into action to work with you on your new site.