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Mighty Pinterest

As an artist, I love to watch my drawings spread to the world. I’m not keen on people to pay attention to me, but I want people to enjoy my drawings. So Pinterest is a great tool for me. if someone visit my boards on Pinterest, they may save my pins from my boards....

Celebrating Up Helly Aa with Shetland Gin Distillery

My latest commissioned illustration work has been launched! This time I drew for the gin distillery  Shetland Reel, the limited edition of celebrating Up Helly Aa in 2018.

Thomson Gray new website goes live

Delighted to put live the new Thomas Gray website! Thomson Gray are an independent construction consultancy providing their clients with a range of services across Scotland, the UK, and beyond.

2017 was a good year for illustration projects

2017 was a good year for my illustration projects. I've worked with many different clients in US, Canada, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, England and Scotland.

Wall decoration

Since I’ve married to my husband, we’ve discussed one day we buy our own place, then we will have a dog and fill our walls with many many frames.

Der Schwarm

'Project 39' progress

Another Jazz album cover!

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Bought a bicycle