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Don’t underestimate Pug's tongue!

Hello humans, hope you enjoy this summer like me. This summer has been so warm and dry, I'm enjoying running and panting. This summer I’ve experienced that so many humans were impressed by my tongue. ‘wow look at that doggie’s tongue, so long!’ YES! I’m a Pug! Pug...

E.T. didn’t want to phone home!

I had the most exciting and fun holiday ever. My human colleague Nicky took me to her place for sleepover. I loved chasing Nicky’s mini humans, what a fun spending a night with them!

Christmas! food! food! more food!

I love Christmas, I hate my human put a costume on me on the Christmas morning to take photos, but I still love Christmas. Why?

Have you ever heard the word 'TOT'?

Recently my human is keep trying to take my pictures when I’m cooling my tongue. My human explained me ‘It’s because TOT!’

Where's my red bug!

Three is a magic number

Gyoza the pug enjoying spring