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Jackie's Festival Picks

I had a bit of time off work this month to go see some of the wonderful Edinburgh Fringe... Here are my 'Top 5'!!!

The hills are alive...

I didn't expect to be thinking about a  responsive web design analogy when I went to the theatre. It was supposed to be a relaxing break from work!

Paper Swag

I got a lovely visit from Paul Scharf of  G.F Smith - paper salesman extraordinaire - who brought me lots of goodies! This is very exciting stuff for a graphic designer!

Edinburgh Street Party

This year to celebrate Hogmanay we decided to brave the cold to go to the famous Edinburgh street party. I had friends visiting from Aberdeen, Blairgowrie and even Barcelona so we thought it would be fun to do something a bit special.

​My First Festival.

As an Edinburgh newbie, I am not yet jaded to the swarms of tourists that descend on the city every August, so was very excited at being around for the whole month!!

Jackie's first blog