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Time for post summer resolutions...the Zero Inbox

Ok so it’s not new year but summer is almost over and it’s back to school and back to work.  Being a Project Manager I decided that I needed more organisation and control in my work life so I have a post summer resolution.

The Sleepover

I can't remember how we came up with the idea, but at some point after the Christmas break, Eri and I thought it would be fun if Gyoza the cutest pug came to my house for a sleepover.

First day back at work in Old Reekie

I came in early today as it was my first day back and I wanted to clear my email inbox and get my head sorted before everyone else came in. The first email in my inbox was from Julie (task mistress that she is - well not really) 'Echo news going out today - make sure...

A mini break with a difference

With schools going back in August and all the wee jobs and routine that that brings the boys, dad, and me off to Arran for a relaxing weekend.

Discovering Southern Spain

A month and a bit at 39steps