Boxing Day is absolutely my fave day of the year – come-down from all the hype leading up to the day before and the guilt-free feeling many get of legitimately doing absolutely. Nothing. Useful. Whatsoever. My version of this is playing with the boys' toys and being proper silly. The poor lads are bewildered – who IS this weird lady who lets them eat chocolates off of the tree before breakfast and watch TV in pyjamas till well after 1pm? Why is she not yelling at us to 'get all that Lego off of the floor or am gonna hoover it up?' And, eh, can we keep her?!

I mapped out some goals in my shiny new bullet journal (coz that's the thing to do, right?). I follow this dude Philip Hesketh. He suggests that rather than make resolutions you know you're gonna break come Jan 19th, draw a giant plus sign on a page. Name each quad one of: STOP | START | MORE | LESS. Stick one thing (one thing?!) in each quad. Then stick it on yer fridge, yer wall, yer mirror (he didn't actually say that last bit but I can imagine him saying it!).

I won't bore you with what's in my boxes (there were several!), but I will say in the 'start' box, I put down 'exercise'.

To commit to it, I've signed up to do 3 physical challenges this year that are a stretch for me personally, (relay in the EMF, 10k run in Glasgow and a triathlon in September). And now that I've typed that, and it's out in the ether, and you've read it, I'll have to do it...!

Bring it on, 2018 – this is gonna be the best yet.

More or less :)