• Do you want more business?

• Are current enquiries few and far between or just plain crap?

• Feel like marketing is one of things you know you should do?

• ...but you simply don't have the time...

Sound familiar? Well, let us help.

MARKET STREET is our kick-starter option for your marketing planning. It’s ideal for businesses who recognise the need for a cohesive marketing strategy and a step-by-step plan from which to work. You’ll have a made-to-measure action plan, aligned to your business’ objectives which will ultimately increase sales. Yay!

Our 3 step programme includes (in brief):


Every journey needs a starting point. The audit will help us and you to understand where you currently are. We will scope out:

• target audience

• market position

• marketing activity

• client experience

• SWOT Analysis


Once we know where you’re at and where you want to go, we can look at how to get you there. We’ll draft a strategy and a rolling action plan which will include:

• SMART Objectives

• Marketing mix (7ps)

• Marketing toolkit


So we’ll have the research and the strategy – now it’s time to map that out across the year!

• Calendar of communication

• Action plan

So, what's in it for you?

• You’ll have a set of working documents to base activity on, so making decisions will be quicker;

• Having a plan will save you time and money. Clear objectives make it easy to focus so effort, time and money isn’t wasted on the wrong things;

Opportunities may arise that were previously unthought of, or deemed unachievable – your plan can address how to target these opportunities and generate sales.

Want to know more?

All the best plans start with a chat – over the phone, over a coffee, or over a (even better) beer. Within a few weeks, we can have you on back on the road!

Call Julie on 0131 447 8613 or email to arrange a time that suits.