Aftermuch research and deliberation, I finally decided upon a cheap-ish external display for my Windows laptop. I went with the BenQ GW2765HT, a sub-£300 27-inch LED IPS monitor. It features a modest resolution of 2560 x 1440, suitable enough for leisurely mucking about in Cubase and Photoshop.

My Mac in the studio got its own little upgrade as well: a Just Mobile AluDisc 360-Degree Pedestal for iMac and Thunderbolt Displays, aka “Lazy Susan”. This has come in super handy, saving Steven from having to awkwardly arch his neck over my desk to see anything on my screen. I can now simply rotate my display to display the latest internet cat pictures.

Just recently, I found myself speaking Polish to the cabin crew of a Ryanair flight to Warsaw. My utterings of “dzień dobry”, “dziękuję”, and “szesnaście F, proszę” were somehow so convincing that, for the entire remainder of the flight, I was spoken to in Polish by the cabin crew. Fortunately, I also knew the words, tak (yes) and nie (no), and was able to fudge— uh, maintain the illusion of speaking fluent Polish.

It was only after I came back that Julie mentioned this thing called Duolingo, where you can learn languages and stuff. Thanks, Julie.

Je recommande Duolingo.