The first problem we encountered was that you had to actually physically collect your tickets. No printing at home or downloading a code on to your phone (what is this the 90s?). As most of my friends were not arriving til after 5pm it was left to the Edinburgh residents to fight it out as to who would be joining the MASSIVE queue to collect all the tickets on the day. Luckily, I didn't have to do it :)

The second problem we encountered was that there were not enough toilets. We arrived at 10.30pm and I think we must have been in the portaloo queue (which was ridiculous) until just before midnight. It was not fun.

However, we all managed to meet back up for just before the bells and the fireworks were incredible!!! They lit up the whole sky and certainly gotthe party started. We had a good dance and all the toilet queue woes were forgotten. Great fun! Although, I think next year I will stick to celebrating inside a cosy pub.