We're co-sponsoring a series of events with our business coach, Alan Smith of ActionCOACH. Here's the first one, all about...


Thursday 24 August 2017, Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue


There are 3 lots of people that need convincing about your ambitions for growth.

  1. The first (and arguably most crucially) is YOU.
  2. Secondly, you need to convince your FUNDERS
  3. And finally, the people who'll help you do it each and every day - your TEAM.

What does the event cover?
Sustainable growth doesn't just happen. It needs to be planned. There'll be challenges and so to know where you are in the business life-cycle will help you anticipate and overcome these.

You'll learn 3 critically important aspects of growth:

  1. The ability to articulate where you are going, why, and inspire people to join you on the journey.....including your funders!
  2. The critical importance of demonstrating a good grasp of your numbers....past, present and future
  3. The confidence you and others will have in your ambition....when you have a practical framework for business growth

Learn how to do this with the help of experienced business coaches Alan Smith and Suj Legha.

This seminar is on at 3 different times on the same day - breakfast, lunchtime and late afternoon. Just choose the session which best suits you!

I'm ambitious, me!