What's it like?

I could tell it was Britain by the grey sky and drizzle but I assumed the city was London. That would have been exciting enough for me! However, after a little research, it turned out to be even better news. The city I had glimpsed was actually Edinburgh and whilst it obviously isn’t the full city, they’ve managed to capture the most iconic parts in Forza Horizon 4.

Take a look at the Youtube clip and you'll see it looks quite authentic but also a lot of fun to drive around.

What's improved?

The main advancements Forza Horizon 4 will provide over 3, seem to be the changing seasonal weather conditions and the ability to get jobs and purchase homes.

The changing seasons will bring snow and ice in winter. This will alter the gameplay dramatically and open up new routes as frozen lakes will open up new ways to cover ground quickly. Anyone familiar with the Blizzard Mountain expansion pack for Horizon 3, will already know how good winter will look, too.

I also like the sound of purchasing properties. It will be nice to have places to store and access my growing fleet of vehicles as I progress through the game. It will be a nice challenge to see how hard it is to earn enough cash to purchase Edinburgh Castle!

When's the release?

I’m now excitedly anticipating the release of Forza Horizon 4 on October 2, and will no doubt provide an update after a few weeks of play. You can even pre-order your copy now. Do you know, I might just do that!