Increase your sales with great web design

Being the boss of your own company is hard enough without the guilt, stress and overwhelm of running the digital marketing side of things too. If you work your ass off to keep your digital presence afloat and yet, your website doesn’t make your life easier then it’s time to whip your site into shape. With some good design your site can increase your sales.  

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Most important tool for digital marketing

If you listen to digital marketers and communications experts (which you should – sometimes), they’ll tell you it’s easy to get your business in front of your customers. With all the apps, social media platforms, tools and technology around it feels like that should be true, and yet here you are working way more than you’d like, for less return than you were hoping.  

Today’s advice from the experts is this: nail your digital presence and world domination follows.

The trouble is – digital marketing is not just one thing. It’s many things all rolled together. You need a database, email marketing campaigns, strong and engaging copy on your website, shiny and bright social media platforms. You need a tip-top social media plan, a content strategy, the best social media manager money can buy and all the tools and apps for planning, storing, editing, analysing and, and, and…


Actually, you don’t need all that

If you’re short on time and frozen by fear of where to begin - can we give you one piece of advice? Forget all of it and focus your energies on your website. A well-designed website can improve your sales, enhance your customer relationships, grow your business and even mow the lawn for you every Sunday (okay, not that one).

And if that’s not reason enough – here’s the best bit. It’s by far the least time-consuming task of the lot.


How to keep on top of your digital presence   

Running a business is really hard work (don’t we know it!). With competing priorities and ever-expanding to-do lists, work can feel like a massive game of Twister. There are times when things slip – and it’s usually your old pal the website which gets the brunt of it.  Who has time to write blog posts and news items when you have a game of Twister to play, and a business to run?

Years of experience has shown us just how hard it can be for business owners like you to get back on top of digital marketing when your website has slipped by the wayside. If your site no longer offers what your customers are looking for – you’ll lose sales. Sooner or later, it will happen.


Is your website losing you business?

Time to flip the thinking on your website. Try not to see it as an online brochure or contact card, and more like a valued member of staff. Your website should be there to give your customers the attention they need – no matter what time of the day or night. To answer questions, to provide great stories about what you do, to show beautiful images of your products or services and to build relationships with your customers, no matter where they are in the world or where they are in their customer journey with you.

If your staff turned up three hours late and threw half their work in the bin wouldn’t you be trying to get rid of the workshy devil? You would. So why would you let your website treat you that way?


Is it worth hiring a web design agency?

The good news is that if your website is due a refresh, then you won’t be losing sales for much longer. Setting up a well-designed website is easier than you think – especially if you find a great web design agency. Long gone are the days where web design is seen as a dark art and you’re left out in the cold throughout the process. A good agency will partner with you and help you work through your goals so your site packs a punch from the second a visitor clicks onto your absolute belter of a homepage.

Here’s how a web agency can help grow your sales:


1. Great web design creates simplicity

As affiliate partners of the mighty Hubspot, we are always fascinated when they release figures from their surveys. A recent survey found that a whopping 76% of website users think that simplicity is the most important factor when visiting a site. They need the site to give them what they want.

Simple as that.

Complicated sites will turn your customers away. Sites that are clean and simple will keep your customers with you.


2. Great web design builds strong relationships

A well-designed site shows care and attention – exactly how your customers want to feel when they visit you. By caring for your audience’s visual experience and planning useful and interesting content – you send out a positive signal – that your customer’s experience matters to you.

Trust is an important element of building strong relationships. If your customers trust you from the first moment they engage with you (on your site), chances are they will trust you with their business; with their reviews and recommendations and most importantly, they will reward you by coming back to you again and again.


3. Great web design leads your customers through the sales process

A good web agency should understand your sales process and your customers. When they know your business as well as you do, they can build the site to help your customers work their way through. Your audience should feel engaged with your business from the get-go, and they also need to get to the end goal as easily as possible.

If it is not easy for people to buy from you (or access your services) – they will forget about you and head to your competitor.


4. Great web design to build your reputation

We all know how important it is to create a good first impression and in web design, it’s pretty much life and death (too much drama?). It’s not just about the first impression though – you need to make a great middle impression and you need to leave a blinder of a final impression too. In other words – you need to impress the whole damn way.


The internet is a fickle place and we are all savvy these days when it comes to online shopping.

We all have experience of really, really, bad websites. Crappy images, broken links, out of date information and all the rest. A well-designed site shows attention to detail, it shows you are credible, attentive and reliable.

A well-designed website will put you far ahead of your competitors. Exactly where you should be.

Review your current website for free with 39steps

We know what you’re thinking – something along the lines of: ‘Yep, that sounds amazing. More sales, better relationships, yadda yadda. But I have no time. And where is the money supposed to come from? And I just can’t be bothered dealing with this right now’. Something like that?

Life is busy. Money is annoying. But it doesn’t change the fact that your site needs attention.

There’s no time like right now to get started on making things better, so, let’s make a deal.

Book a free review session with us and we’ll review your current site for you – with you. As well as a free chat with our website experts, you’ll also receive a simple action plan to follow to get your current site working smarter.

In just forty minutes you can make the first steps towards turning your website from the lazy brat you’ve been ignoring to the shiny, happy and very productive teammate you always wanted.

Sound good?

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