I had a bit of time off work this month to go see some of the wonderful Edinburgh Fringe... Here are my 'Top 5'!!!

1. Frankie Boyle

He was hilarious as always... top of his game!!! Need I say more...

2. Universoul Circus

This was fun!!! A hip hop circus with acts from Johannesburg to Mongolia. High-energy, back-flipping, twisty, upside-down madness with an awesome sound track that had the whole big-top dancing!

3. Jamali Maddix

Of Viceland TV's 'Hate Thy Neighbour' fame - where he travels around the world meeting racist groups. Excellent stand up, this guy has balls of steel!!!

4. Daniel Sloss

I recognised this guy as I had seen him do stand-up when he was only 17!! He has only improved with age and is definitely worth a watch!

5. The Stevenson Experience

Aussie twins playing a musical, interactive game of spot the difference. Very, very funny!