It is time to make a positive change and take back responsibility. Could learning digital marketing skills be that positive catalyst for change? 2018 won't suck because I can't allow it!

What positive changes will I make? Well, first I needed to work out what I wanted from life. Good Lord, that sounds like goal-setting. Am I defining goals? Whatever next!

2018 won’t suck! Here’s my top 5 2018 goals:

  1. Try learning digital marketing skills
  2. Learn to play guitar
  3. Lose a Stone in weight
  4. Organise a trip somewhere with friends
  5. Do more outdoor activities with the kids

So, what I have I sorted so far?

I’ve signed up with Udacity to study a Digital Marketing nanodegree. Yes, a teeny-weeny degree. Like a degree, only (much) smaller. So, that’s the first box ticked! Ok, getting a bit ahead of myself there. I still have to complete the course, obviously. How hard can it be?

Now I just need a plan for the other four goals. At least it will give me a fall-back theme for this year’s monthly newsletter updates!