Meet Abi, our copywriter and content creator


In our latest ‘meet the expert’ blog, we chat to Abi Cornwall our champion copywriter and content creator about search engine optimisation, content marketing and er...carrots.

Abi works with clients to create strong and engaging content plans so they can strengthen their SEO. She also writes copy for client marketing materials like brochures and leaflets and of course for the websites we design and build.

As a full-service creative agency, we have the privilege of working with super-duper (yes that’s a word) talented designers and kick-ass brand strategists who roll up their sleeves up and work on every aspect of your project so you can get your stories out into the world and reach your perfect customers.


Hey Abi!
Copywriter and Content Creator. What’s that when it’s at home?  

Say you sell carrots*. As a copywriter, I’ll work out all I can about your carrots and then I’ll put it into words – for your website, your leaflets, brochures, newsletters. I’ll come up with snappy carroty advertisements. Whatever the medium, I’ll write the message so your customers can learn about your carrots.

Content is all about attracting the right customers to your site. As a team, 39steps works out the best keyword strategy for your website. From there, we work out the best plan for attracting lovers to your site, and I write engaging content to help with that. 

Content is everything you read and see online. As a carrot lover, you might google ‘best recipes. I’ll have written a blog article with that exact title so your website will come up early in the results. Meaning carrot lovers everywhere will find yours before they find your competitors.

It’s my job to make sure there’s enough content available on your site so the carrot community stay on your site and ultimately buy from you. 

*I have no idea why I picked carrots for this example. Probably subliminal messaging from our logo! Bright, orange and really, good for you! 


What do you love about your job? 

I love collaborating with clients and shaping ideas together. It’s great when one idea connects with another. I’ll discuss a theme for a blog post with a client and it will usually grow into other types of content like social media campaigns, newsletter articles, an event, even.

Sometimes clients work so closely on their business that they miss opportunities to get in front of their customers and I love being on the sidelines working out new ways to get the message across.


What 39steps projects are you most proud of? 

I’m proud of the conversations I have when I work on the Meet the Team style blog posts. For these projects, I interview people from different backgrounds – the MD, team managers, key team members and even new starts.

I’m proud of the project because it gives people a chance to think about the value they add to their company and that’s such a positive thing to do! I love asking questions – sometimes quite nosey questions - and hearing the different answers. What I’ve learned about our clients is that company culture and staff welfare is every bit as important to them as the work they do for their own clients. It’s great to be part of that.


What keeps you awake at night? 

Bloody straplines! They are slippery suckers! Just when I think I’ve got the perfect combination of words, a whole new line of thought will pop into my head and I’m off, chasing the next ‘perfect’ set…


Best 39steps moment? 

The day the team gave me my very own office. It’s not a cupboard. Honest. 


What would the 39steps team say about you? 

Having lots of ideas is great – but someone has to come in behind me and pull out the practical ones!


Who or what inspires you? 

Gretchen Rubin’s Happier Project and Mel Robbins’ 5-second rule have opened my eyes to taking little actions for big, positive change. 

And it sounds mega cheesy – but my kids inspire me every day to communicate better; to challenge preconceived ideas and to enjoy the silly things in life.


Favourite music to listen to while working? 

I’m easily distracted and if it has too much of a beat I could start dancing, so something soft and plinky-plonky like Ludovico Einaudi


What snacks do you munch on at work?

Healthy days: cashew nuts and satsumas.

Unhealthy days: chocolate Digestives.

(so it’s mostly chocolate digestives then…)


Favourite holiday escape?

I love going to Barcelona. I’ve been going since my 20s, as one of my best friends lives there and I never get tired of walking around. Great food, a great music scene, stunning architecture and art. Plus, there’s a beach for those lying down, doing nothing days.


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