Meet Eri & Jackie, web designers at 39steps

When you work with 39steps, you don’t just get a new website, you grab yourself a brand-new team of colleagues. Experts, professionals and all-round cool cats; skilled, experienced and ready to spring into action to work with you on your new site.

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Hiring a web design agency – get to know your new team

It’s important to find out who will be working with you on your new website design. We’ve taken some research leg-work off you so you can get a feel for the merry band of website pros here at 39steps. It’s time to meet your new gang.


A collaborative team of web designers who work with you, not for you

Our web design projects are always a collaboration. We don’t work for you, we work with you. It makes the whole process more exciting and fun. Our clients come back to us because they like working with us. We’re pretty chuffed with that. So who will you be working with?

Let’s get to it. It’s time to meet our web designers with mad skills...


Who are the 39steps Web Designers?

Eri and Jackie work on stand-alone projects and join forces for larger projects. They design and build responsive websites, as well as design branding, brochures, adverts and leaflets. Eri also dabbles in the dark arts of analytics, data analysis and growth tools for every website.


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How does your part of the web design process work?

Jackie: It starts with a meeting. We e talk about goals, ideas – how the website will be used. Then, we agree a site map* and start to work on the wireframes**. Depending on each client we could also look at running workshops to identify site users and their journeys***. Once everything is agreed, we start building the site in Wordpress – we use custom code and design so each website is unique – nobody else will have the same design.


What do you love about your job?

Eri: It’s great to be involved in so many parts of designing. I love working out how to build the functionality****, but I also love designing the visuals. I get really into the technical analysis – working out how your website has grown since the launch date and looking at ways to improve lead generation and sales.

Jackie: I’m always learning something new. I love feeling challenged and this job drives me to keep up to date with web trends and techniques so I can build the best sites for our clients. I’m all about animation techniques at the moment - I’m excited to use on more sites.




What 39steps projects are you most proud of?

Eri: The branding and new website for Catseye Cattery. There were challenges such as linking the shopping cart service and other 3rd party CRM but it was a really fun logo to work on. They are rolling out the business for franchise opportunities so it will be great to see Lily the Cat pop up in other places. Click here to see Eri’s brilliant branding and web design for Catseye Cattery.

Jackie: I enjoyed working on the Firemac build. It was the biggest account I’d worked on so there were challenges but I had control over the branding and website. We ran a brand workshop first so I really understood their business and target audience. It made the process much smoother. I’d recommend clients run at least one workshop with us.


What jobs keep you awake at night?

Eri: If I start thinking about logo designs, I can’t stop. It’s like working out a puzzle! Also – if there’s something sticking with plugin functions – I don’t get any sleep until it’s fixed.

Jackie: I get a lot of my best ideas in the middle of the night. I love it when inspiration comes out of nowhere. I’ve just completed a branding project for Heriot-Watt Students Union and that came after some very late night pondering!


What’s your best 39steps moment?

Eri: I loved it when the office became a doggy wonderland! My dog Gyoza always comes to work with me and was so happy to have a doggy pal!

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Jackie: I love how 39steps are keen to develop your skills. The best course I went to recently was the Graphic Design Festival where I did the animation course – it’s been really useful for work.


What would the other 39steppers say about you?

Eri: “Don’t make Eri mad! Remember the sea monkeys!”. I once told them a story about how I killed all of my sea monkeys when I was little. They’ve never let me forget it! I feel so bad about it now!

Jackie: I think they’d say I get my head down and get things done. Nicky says I don’t moan, which is 100% bullsh*t! I was famous for my Game of Thrones chat. Then it turned rubbish.


What snacks do you munch on while you work?

Eri: Whatever it is - I always have to share with Gyoza!

Jackie: Leftovers from the photography studio downstairs! They do birthday shoots so there’s often a birthday cake, chocolate, ice cream…..


What do you listen to while you’re working?

Jackie: I mostly listen to playlists on Spotify. I really like the Release Radar and Discover Weekly lists, I’m always finding new stuff to listen to.

Eri: All sorts of stuff. Daftpunk, Delphic, Porcupine Tree, Deftones, The Pineapple Thief, Thomas Newman, Clint Mansell, Devin Townsend.


When you get time off work where do you like to escape to?

Eri: I love travel! I’d love to see Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. One day I’d love to go back to Pakistan or Krygystan.

Jackie: I’m really into city breaks. My top 3 city breaks are Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona. Berlin is my favourite city of them all.


Who inspires you?

Eri: My all-time favourite is Bob Peak – he mastered the power of lines, space and compositions. Every time I look at his work I feel excited to try something new.

I also really love Katsuhiro Otomo.

Jackie: My friends are designers – they inspire me. I also love to visit art and design exhibitions. I get inspiration from all around me. I am on Pinterest a lot!

To find out more about what spins Eri and Jackie’s design wheel - have a look at these links:

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Now you know why we love working with Eri and Jackie. When you’ve got such inspiring, hard working people on your team – you know you’re going to have an amazing website to work with. They’ll turn your ideas into stuff of legend and not one sea monkey will be harmed during the building of it!




If you fancy having Eri or Jackie work on your new website, why not get started with a free website consultation.


The 39steps glossary

Don’t worry if jargon isn’t your thing – you can always give us a call to chat through anything you don’t understand but here’s a quick rundown of the jargony things mentioned above:


*Site Map: map of the pages of the website to make sure they all link together

** Wire Frames: site architecture – make sure everything is in the right place, with the right priority.

*** User Journeys: the process each website user goes through from visiting your site to clicking on the call to action (buying something, calling you, booking a service etc)

**** Functionality: The ease with which a viewer can navigate your site and obtain the information they are seeking.