Anyway, that 1 hour, the first of only 4 across 4 weeks of our new wee club, flew past. It was intense, silly, creative and educational (to me!) Now, I'm no teacher, so once again, I doff my proverbial bunnet to those who teach, day in day out. That's a tough but rewarding gig.

In order to keep things simple, we've decided to set up a tuck shop. Of course!

There will be 3 stalls – two selling tuck goodies and one selling drinks. Each stall has a team of 3 and each lad has a responsibility in their team: Finance, Sales & Marketing, and Operations.

The cockles of my heart were warmed when, my minipreneurs, completely unprompted, discussed between them wanting to:

  • include fruit as well as sweets as a healthy choice (conscientious)
  • give some of their profit back to the school (young active citizens, community-focussed)
  • not include lollipops as it's dangerous when running round the playground (health and safety)
  • spreading the profits evenly among each of them (share the wealth)

I can't wait to see what they come up with next week as their marketing strategy. (Scampi Nik Naks, anyone?)