We were appointed by the (then) Sick Kids Friends Foundation to create a new look and feel to represent their new name, coinciding with the new hospital for sick children changes its name too.

It was important to get it just right, so the client went through a rigorous consultation process. This included talking to volunteers, staff, general public, supporters and those who'd never heard of it. Everything was scrutinised – the colours, the potential motifs, the name, the strapline. What worked and what didn't. And we've gone through the gamut! Hot air balloons, aliens, robots and cute helicopters. We've done babies, pyjamas, teddies, hearts. You name it - we've drawn it. But the essence of what makes this organisation is inclusion and positivity, and in the end, it made sense to create an identity that was a natural evolution from where this fabulous organisation has been, to where it's going.

Based on artist-in-residence Cate James' illustrations, we created a roundel motif that's easy to use on many forms of media, and the characters (a boy, girl/big sister/nurse, and teddy) can be used in various ways to expand the personality of the brand.

A great project to work on and a privilege to be part of this organisation's next chapter!

People photos © Vicki Watson Photography.