We could prattle on about making Edinburgh's premier tech-focussed accountancy practice look good online, but the outcome is best stated by them:

"We've worked with Julie and her team at 39steps for just shy of 10 years. During that time they have designed our branding, produced endless marketing materials, taken care of all of our print requirements, and patiently given our website an overhaul...

They take the time to understand your business, your sector, and what you are trying to achieve by engaging with them. We thought we 'just' needed a new website. But the 39steps actually challenged us about what we wanted to achieve (attracting more clients of the sectors that we specialise in), what we wanted to communicate (we are business advisors who just happen to specialise in accounting) and the best way to do that (make the website friendly, approachable, give social proof, full of free stuff, and ensure we have lots of great content in our blog & tweets). The results are that (a) we have a shiny new website and (b) we have a much better understanding of our business identity, and how to make ourselves stand out from the crowd."

Chris Thomas, Director, One Accounting

It's a pleasure, Chris!