We're on an adventure with the leading self-guided holiday specialist!

We've been working with  Macs Adventure, the leading self-guided holiday specialist in the UK, and recently received a great web development testimonial. Head of Marketing at Macs Adventure, Graeme Kerr, said;

Time for post summer resolutions...the Zero Inbox

Ok so it’s not new year but summer is almost over and it’s back to school and back to work.  Being a Project Manager I decided that I needed more organisation and control in my work life so I have a post summer resolution.

Jackie's Festival Picks

I had a bit of time off work this month to go see some of the wonderful Edinburgh Fringe... Here are my 'Top 5'!!!

Shanghai Hot Pot

Just recently, I headed out to SG for some Shanghai hot pot, to pick up some personal effects, and to see what it would be like to work remotely for a little while. It turns out that, as long as you've got an internet connection and some sort of portable computer,...

Mighty Pinterest

As an artist, I love to watch my drawings spread to the world. I’m not keen on people to pay attention to me, but I want people to enjoy my drawings. So Pinterest is a great tool for me. if someone visit my boards on Pinterest, they may save my pins from my boards....

Don’t underestimate Pug's tongue!

Hello humans, hope you enjoy this summer like me. This summer has been so warm and dry, I'm enjoying running and panting. This summer I’ve experienced that so many humans were impressed by my tongue. ‘wow look at that doggie’s tongue, so long!’ YES! I’m a Pug! Pug...

Forza Horizon 4 - Broaden your Horizons

Forza Horizon 4 is due for release in October and we Edinburghers are in for a treat. The location for the latest version of the iconic Xbox One franchise is based on a condensed version of Great Britain, featuring our beloved Capital. Hoots man, ye can even buy...

8 cool outdoor display ideas for events this summer

While the sun is shining, we thought it might be a good time to give you our top 8 cool outdoor display ideas for events. It’s never been more affordable to promote your business outdoors and the team at 39steps are perfectly poised to help your business look...

39steps lands red-hot project with Firemac Ltd

Firemac Ltd, a well-established Scottish company specialising in passive fire protection systems, has appointed 39steps to develop a new brand, website and marketing toolkit for the business.

The hills are alive...

I didn't expect to be thinking about a  responsive web design analogy when I went to the theatre. It was supposed to be a relaxing break from work!