Website design agencies – who should you work with?

Did you know your website is holding you back from your customers and clients?  It is if it’s out of date, if it takes a while for the pages to load or if you can’t view it on a tablet or phone.

Website maintenance – 13 monthly tasks you should be doing | 39steps

Your website is now live and your work here is done!

Well, that’s what you want us to tell you. You want to hear that your awesome new site - mobile responsive and packed with engaging content, striking images and up to date information – is complete and you have...

Increase your sales with great web design

Being the boss of your own company is hard enough without the guilt, stress and overwhelm of running the digital marketing side of things too. If you work your ass off to keep your digital presence afloat and yet, your website doesn’t make your life easier then it’s...

The most challenging branding project to date!

Back in early summer, I met with my most challenging client yet.

The brief?

To create a fresh, unique brand identity for our local primary school. Och, that's easy! You might think. But no... 

Catseye Cattery checks in with new brand and site

We've been working working away on a  brand identity and  web design project this summer, for the luxury cat hotel,  Catseye Cattery! Michael and Helen Dickson have been running the business for 10 years, and after their existing agency disbanded, it was time to...

New Firemac brand identity for the leaders in passive fire protection

We've launched the new Firemac brand identity and marketing materials for the UK's premier supplier of passive fire protection systems.

Starting with a brand workshop, our team brought together key representatives from the Firemac team, including existing clients...

Edinburgh's newest vegan café bar, Thrive, now open!

39steps was appointed to create a fresh  brand identity for new vegan café bar, Thrive. There's been a surge of interest in vegan and veggie fare, and Thrive makes this end of the culinary spectrum accessible to those who might not have tried it before, while...

The innocent can never last

August is a mental time in our house, as 3 out of the 4 residents have birthdays in August. This means lots of cake, lots of wrapping paper and an impressive array of Lego (and that's just mine!). We have two mini engineers who are obsessed with the classic toy,...

We're on an adventure with the leading self-guided holiday specialist!

We've been working with  Macs Adventure, the leading self-guided holiday specialist in the UK, and recently received a great web development testimonial. Head of Marketing at Macs Adventure, Graeme Kerr, said;

Time for post summer resolutions...the Zero Inbox

Ok so it’s not new year but summer is almost over and it’s back to school and back to work.  Being a Project Manager I decided that I needed more organisation and control in my work life so I have a post summer resolution.