Meet Abi, our copywriter and content creator

In our latest ‘meet the expert’ blog, we chat to Abi Cornwall our champion copywriter and content creator about search engine optimisation, content marketing and er...carrots.

How to run a brand workshop

We know how to run a brand workshop that will set you up for great results. We've written this simple guide to give you a few pointers to running a brand positioning workshop yourself.

What's the story, Morning Glory?

World Book Day is once upon us again today!

Cost-benefit analysis for web development and why it's important

As a creative agency, we're often approached by clients and prospects that haven't completed a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for web development they'd like us to complete. That's often because they simply don't know how long their new feature will take to make. The...

What is a brand planner and do I need one on my branding project?

What is a brand planner? It’s a great question, and honestly, a few years ago we wouldn’t have been able to answer you. All we knew was that we wanted to find a way to work with clients and dig deeper to support them in new and exciting ways. Brand planners get to...

Meet Eri & Jackie, web designers at 39steps

When you work with 39steps, you don’t just get a new website, you grab yourself a brand-new team of colleagues. Experts, professionals and all-round cool cats; skilled, experienced and ready to spring into action to work with you on your new site.

7 signs it's time to rebrand your business

There was once a time when rebranding was as simple as a graphic designer shuffling your logo around to give it a fresher look. Not so anymore. In today’s world, your branding must cover off a myriad of key communication points – both on and offline. It should...

Website design agencies – who should you work with?

Did you know your website is holding you back from your customers and clients?  It is if it’s out of date, if it takes a while for the pages to load or if you can’t view it on a tablet or phone.

Website maintenance – 13 monthly tasks you should be doing | 39steps

Your website is now live and your work here is done!

Well, that’s what you want us to tell you. You want to hear that your awesome new site - mobile responsive and packed with engaging content, striking images and up to date information – is complete and you have...

Increase your sales with great web design

Being the boss of your own company is hard enough without the guilt, stress and overwhelm of running the digital marketing side of things too. If you work your ass off to keep your digital presence afloat and yet, your website doesn’t make your life easier then it’s...