If your business sends email marketing campaigns, direct mail or makes sales calls, the law is changing what you are allowed to do. Some of the things you are doing at the moment will no longer be legal.

You might be thinking “So what? I’ll deal with it in May”. But, it really is important to start changing how you do things now. The word on the street is that this time they aren’t messing around, and businesses caught flouting the new legislation will be subject to some big fines.

We can help. There are some easy things you can do right now, which will help you avoid trouble later.



Free, 1 hour GDPR review

Come into our studio and we’ll sit down with you and go through your marketing plan with you. We’ll review your website and give practical suggestions on quick changes you can make now that will help you towards GDPR compliance.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

  1. Privacy policy - do you have one, is it suitable for GDPR?
  2. Email marketing - what are people agreeing to receive, are they opted in, and how are you recording and storing their agreement?
  3. Direct marketing - are you providing an easy method to opt out of receiving your campaigns?

Remember, it’s a completely free review. You’ll go away with some practical tips and easy-to-implement solutions to start you on the way to GDPR compliance.

So, go on, book your slot and we’ll get the kettle on…

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Download our GDPR tips guide

GDPR will affect nearly every business. It affects our business. And it affects your business. It’s not just for big corporations either. We all need to prepare.

We want to help you make the necessary changes. We know it can seem like a very complex and, let’s face it, dull subject - and frankly, it is. That’s why we’ve also put together a handy tips guide.

Download our guide to GDPR now