The Edge of Seventeen

I like a number, I do. Heck - even named my agency with one.

edge of 17 pro

Today marks Day 1 of year 18.

After 17 years in business, I’ve been reflecting on other numbers that are significant to me regarding the business, aside from those on my balance sheet.

Here’s some that spring to mind...

1: co-director bought out - painful at the time, best thing I did though.

1: pandemic worked through (and it’s still going)

1: major fraud survived - those b*tards are very very clever

1: cat rescued - Louis. The coolest cat I knew.


2: recessions - I refuse to participate in one!

2: parents lost - gone too soon.

2: babies born - made me grow up. Ish.

2: house moves - anyone good at DIY?


3: weddings - 1 my own, 2 colleagues

3: office moves - yes, there are 39steps (complete coincidence)

3: accountants - wouldn’t be without him


4: brand refreshes - got to practice what we preach ourselves, too!

4: business coaches - when you find a good one, keep ‘em


5: laptops mistreated - I once drove off to a meeting not realising my Macbook was still on the roof of the car...


6: sets of keys lost - a kind associate once gave me a lanyard to put them on. I still use it! (thanks, Susan!)


7: house plants inadvertently killed - green fingered I am not

7: designers - who’ve been part of team 39 


8: mobile phones - still got every handset. History, innit?

9: bank managers - don’t even know who it is now


7842: cups of tea drank. Ok, I’m just guessing...


Umpteen: times I’ve been told to JFDI

Hundreds: clients served - thank you to each and every one of you

Countless: fabulous people met - thank you for all I have learned

Too many: twonks - thank you for showing me who I don’t want to work with!


‘Know your numbers’ - that’s the mantra for most business owners, and rightly so.

Am still a bit sh*t at maths, though.