Eri would get a night out and my boys and I would get unlimited pug cuddles. To say that my boys were excited by this prospect would be an understatement. They even tidied their rooms, clearing the floor of all LEGO and model plane debris, having heard that Gyoza likes to eat most things she finds on the floor.

So, one Friday afternoon, my eldest and I came to whisk her away. She stayed with us until late Saturday morning and I think she went home completely exhausted, but hopefully happy. I think it might have been the busiest 20 hours she's had. She had several long walks, lots of chasing games with a 6-year-old, impersonated ET, didn't sleep in her bed – ours was apparently more appealing – ate lots of carrots, and familiarised herself with Xbox gaming.

When she left, we missed her lots and we hope she'll come back for another visit soon.