WANTED: writers

wanted - writers


You might be a freelance copywriter already working with clients in tech, finance, professional services, construction and tourism.

And if not, that's ok. Maybe you want to be?

We're looking for freelance writers to join our merry band of 39steps' friends.

If you get a kick out of:

- creating campaigns with a team
- researching and writing whitepapers
- researching and writing insightful blogs
- drafting web content that gets found
- crafting succinct social posts
- auditing and editing existing content

...then we'd love to hear from you. 

Send a note to Julie, on hello@39steps.co.uk and include the 3 key sectors you like writing stuff for. Plus it's always super useful to include a name. We like names. Oh! and a phone number. Yeah. One of them. Dammit, a Linkedin thingy too, nearly forgot that. And links to stuff you're proud of. Heck, you should be proud. And your shoe size*. We might send you some socks. You never know...

*very optional.