Website design agencies – who should you work with?


Did you know your website is holding you back from your customers and clients?  It is if it’s out of date, if it takes a while for the pages to load or if you can’t view it on a tablet or phone.

What does it mean for you and your business? It means people are switching off. It’s time to admit the painful truth – your own website is giving your competitors the edge over you – and that’s annoying, because you are bloody good at what you do.

So you’ve established you need a new website – and it makes sense to work with an agency so your website can make you money , but where do you go from here? So now what?


How can you tell a marvellous web design agency from a mediocre one?

Spoiler alert. You are currently on the website of a marvellous one…

Any agency worth its salt would be saying things like

“Partnering with 39steps means one simple thing: Your life is about to get easier. Why? Because we take the frustration, overwhelm, a huge task list and the head scramble technical stuff away from you and turn it into the website of your dreams*.”

You want to know your agency believes in the work they are involved in! The truth is, we know we’re not the only one out there saying this stuff. Self-belief is one thing we have in bucketloads (we have the portfolio to back up it up), but you need to know more about us before you say ‘let’s do this!’

Things like how our web design process works and the various website support packages we have. And you’ll probably want to know how much it costs to get a website designed and a rough idea of how long it takes to get a website built and completed.

There’s loads you should know about us (or our competitors) before you decide if we’re the right fit.

One of the most important is who you’ll actually be working with. So who is the 39steps team?


Get to know the team

We’ve looked at the WHAT you should know about the web design agency you’ll be teaming up with, but what about the WHO?

When it comes to the WHO, don’t take any chances. It’s a big deal getting your website designed, so you need to know you can work happily with the people doing it. Communication is so important – so it’s a great idea if you like the team and want to talk with them, meet with them, bounce ideas around with them.

You’d be surprised how many people sign up with an agency without ever having met the team, or worse – persevere with a team you don’t gel with.

That is definitely not our style.

Behind the 39steps scenes you’ll have a merry troupe of incredibly talented peeps who will work day and night to build and shape your website (no jokes…your websites keep us awake at night, we’re obsessive…). You’ll meet the team – the whole team – either personally or virtually and you’ll know right away if we’re your kind of people, or not. And if not – we won’t take it personally and will bid you adieu!

Want to know more about how 39steps can work with you to create shockingly good websites that will take your business to a whole new level?

Book a review session with 39steps here and let’s get going.

*There is nothing wrong with dreaming about websites. Honest. We do it all the time.