Workshops are BACK!


Last week saw us run the first in-person workshop since February 2020. 

We made the switch to hosting online workshops quickly, helping clients determine personas, define their brand, determine target personas, and map out user journeys.

I mean, I love a Miro board and everything, but nowt beats a group of folk, round a table, eyeballing each other and having some productive banter.

β˜• Pot of coffee? Check.
🧊 Ah, but haveyougotapotof iced coffee too, as it's boiling? Check.
🚰 H20? Check.
πŸ—’ Post-it notes? Check.
✍ Sharpies? Check.
πŸ₯ͺ Bought-in lunch with tasty fillings you'd not normally have? Check.
πŸ˜‚ Sense of humour? Check.
πŸ’»Person tuning in from home on a laptop in these post-Covidian times? Check.

This workshop was with the thoroughly lovely team at the Institute of Chartered Foresters, (ICF) who hadn't all been in a room together for 18 months, being split across Edinburgh and Bristol offices. Some were meeting new colleagues for the first time.

Love what we do, as we get to learn about so many different industries.

Working with these folks, I've a new appreciation for all things tree. We've been working with them over the past two years on brand guidelines, producing their quarterly member magazine, and overhauling their website.

This time, it's all about informing non-members about what ICF can do - from CPD, to chartered status in forestry and arboriculture, ICF is THE go-to organisation. 

Right, I'm off to go sit under one right now. A tree, that is - not a non-member. That'd be weird. πŸ˜†

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